PHEROMONES - Natural Deodorant

PHEROMONES - Natural Deodorant

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Description: Aluminum got you down? Stay fresh & confident with this deodorant! All the protection you need without the chemicals. All the protection you need without the chemicals, leaving only your naturally fragrant pheromones for lasting confidence.


Directions: Apply to your clean, dry underarms as needed. There may be a detox phase if aluminum & chemical deodorants were previously used. This can last up to 2 weeks and can include stronger odors, more perspiration, skin irritations, etc. This is due to your body trying to get back to its original odor & perspiration that the aluminum and other chemicals were blocking. Stick with it & it will be so worth it!


Ingredients: Coconut, Shea, Cocoa, Grapefruit, Arrowroot, Sodium Bicarbonate, Tea Tree, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Orange  


Shelf Life:
One year


Size: 2.12 oz.


More Info: For more focused product directions depending on your current health & wellness concerns, schedule an intuitive health reading with Richele Harrison. 

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